Monday, June 16, 2014

Figure basing - Whatever structure you want!

Hi all,
while making my TDQ-Figs, I had some trouble covering up those Slotta bases without making them even higher. I was breeding about this problem quite a while until I had an idea. You'll need some kind of silicone or other moulding stuff (instamould or sth. like that) and some acrylic filler that you can get in any DIY-Store.

First, drop some of your moulding stuff on the structure that you want to see on your base. Wait until it cures and pull it off. No need for a thick layer as you can see...

Than smear a thin layer of the acrylic filler on it and smoothen it with a wet finger. Let it dry and pull it off the moulding stuff carefully.
The filler will remain sticky for quite a while after curing, so be sure to prevent stacking or folding those layers.

Then make a straight cut that allows you to "wrap" the structure around your minis feet and cut out some place to stand

Like this:

Afterwards use some all-purpose adhesive to stick it to your mini. Since this stuff is very flexible, you can perfectly close the cutting lines and make a very tight fit around the feet of your mini. BUT!!! Don't cover the edging of the base like I did it in this picture. It'll collect the dust off your table ;) Cut it off clean around the edge.

I used cobblestones, wood-plank-floor and a stone wall as a master for these acrylic layers. Here's the result after a layer of varnish (which deals with the stickiness) and some ink.

In the beginning it's quite time-consuming, but after the 5th figure it was getting easier and faster :)

You can also use this method if you have some partial ruins like this...

...which covers only half of the house. I find this looks somewhat odd, so I will simply create the rest of the ruined walls with foamboard and add the original texture with an acrylic layer.

Hope you like it!

Best Regards,

Friday, June 13, 2014

Some finished TDQ Figures

Hi there, I finished some TDQ-figures...
I thought this might be a perfect opportunity to revive this Blog once again :)

Here we go...

I can already hear you scream "Oh those ugly slotta-bases!" 
Yes, I am aware of that! I'll probably get the beltsander ready and scrub them slottas until they're slim :)

Hope you like 'em anyway!


Thursday, February 27, 2014

Long time no see. Literaly. Really.

Wow, october... That's a long time without a post. But I was not lazy. I have done a lot for my other hobby:
LARP and Reenactment (sort of).
I made an almost complete set of medieval clothes for the time around 1400:

I accumulated some armour:

I had quite some nice show fights:

But three weeks ago I was hit in the eye by a sword while practicing for the next show-fight season:

(I'll spare you from the bloody picture and show you only the one from the morning after...)

Being a lucky bastard, I literaly got away with a black eye. Almost. My conjunctiva was punctured so I got a a little operation and was not allowed to use my computer, to go to work, to read, to watch tv for one and a half week. Eeeeks. That was boring. After one week my eye started to open again so I could do something. beeing tired of working on my selfmade leathershoes, I opened my cabinet and found some unfinished houses.

Here we go:
Two ruined building-fronts from some polish vaccum-cast manufacturer I got for 3€ per piece last september. I've put them on a base, added some rubble and extra walls, smeared some paint on them and here they are:

Back in september I also got hold of some Leva ruins which are quite lovely. I started the first one, which is still missing a base and loads of rubble:

And finally I started one of the byzantinum that I got from their maker in exchange for some of my buildings.
They're officially the last two samples that were made before closing down business. Thanks again Panzerfaust200 for this deal! This building is officially wip, lots of work has still to be done on this one!

I guess I won't be posting too regulary, since I still need to do lots of stuff for the upcoming LARP season and I don't like walking around underdressed ;)

Nevertheless it feels good again to swap the sewing needle for a brush and a pot of good old acrylics :)

Best regards,

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Other hobby, new blog...

Well folks, modelmaking and wargaming is not the only thing I like to do in my sparetime.
For quite some years I'm doing historical longsword fencing and as this hobby is gaining lots of speed right now, I think it's about time to write a little about the progress I make.

Don't worry, this is not the end of WMP!
I've got a plastic mountain instead of the oh so famous lead mountain, so be sure that I'll still do my odd post over here every once in a while.

In the meantime, you can check what my other hobby is doing:

One thing: I'll keep the other blog written in German, but I'll try to put a google translate button on the website so that you might be able to read it with a little effort ;)

Best Regards,

Monday, September 30, 2013


Hey guys, I'd like to show you my newest addition to the Panzer Forces:

It's a trumpeter kit with a PART PE detail kit.
The model was a beautiful build, but I used only half of the detail set.
Most of it was too fiddly and would quickly fall off during wargaming...
The Figure is one of the Lamercraft range...

On the foregoing post, you'll find a tutorial about how to make the Zimmerit!
Check it out!

Hope you like my "little" Elefant


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Zimmer-it! The tutorial...

 As I'm slowly progressing, I thought it'd be nice if I'd share my expieriences with you.
What you need for making zimmerit with this method:
  • a plastic model
  • liquid plastic glue (I used revell)
  • Masking Tape (optional, I used Tamiya)
  • a micro screwdriver
  • an old, fine brush
  • an exacto knive
  • a timer (if you're unfocussed like me)
  • patience (mandatory)
  • a respirator or an outside-workplace

Before you start let me state the most important thing:
You'll be working with a lot of cement here. Stuff that melts plastic. If you don't take care of yourself, this stuff will melt your brain over time. And this piece of work would be the most perfect opportunity for a molten brain, as you'll hang your nose over molten plastic for quite a long time.

Please do this at a place with very very good ventilation (outside with a fan that blows fumes away) or use a proper (!) facemask with the right filters (which I do).

First of all, I cut tiny pieces of masking tape and apply it to the tank. This will look like spots where the zimmerit has fallen off later.

Now apply the cement to the model. Don't use too much, or your pattern will look blurred, because the plastic will be soluted so much, that it will slowly flow back after you worked it. You'll need to try and find the right amount of cement for every specific model (u know, the plastic differs and stuff like that...)

 Now be very fast and grab your old brush. Spread the cement evenly over the surface. Don't do too much at once!
Should look something like this now:
 Now wait for 10 minutes. I use a timer, as I'm likely to be distracted by something shiny and I'd surely forget about my little elefant here ;)
 Meanwhile you can prepare your screwdriver. As I didn't have one in the perfect size, I used sanding paper (800) to sand it to the correct size.

When the time's run out, start the pattern on the middle of the prepared surface. Why? You're likely to have skewed edges like on the back of the elefant. If you start there, you probably won't be able to get a perpendicular zimmerit pattern. So just start somewhere in the middle and work your way to the outside (it can be seen if you zoom in)

Place your screwdriver on the plastic and push it in. Regard that the whole edge of the blade digs into the plastic evenly. If you hold your screwdriver in an angle (not the blade like in the picture! This must be in a square angle to the perpendicular!) while pushing, you won't get a rectangular imprint which is not what we are going for. So set your handle in an 45° angle.
Since you won't be able to reach all the places with your Screwdriver, you' sometimes need to use your exacto knife. Just draw short lines, similar to what you'd archieve with the screwdriver.
If the plastic is already getting to hard to work with, apply a very small amount of cement to those places and WAIT for 5 minutes, before working on them. Again, if you are too eager, the plastic will stretch out again while still being soluted.

When you're done, use your exacto knife to dislodge the masking tape. Don't wait too long with it, as it might melt right into place.

 If you work carefully, you can achive a nice pattern as on the top-half; If you want to go for the sloppy look, simply do it sloppy ;) Always keep in mind that Zimmerit has been applied by humans and doesn't look to perfect most of the time.

I hope you like it. Remember to take care of your health and please follow the hints I gave above. I won't sign responsible if your grey matter flows out of your nose and ears ;)

Best Regards,