Friday, February 8, 2013

Time for some new shoes in size 20mm.

Most of you might know it, or even be infected with it yourself:
Bacillus Diversificatus.
While spending time with the hobby, I just can't focus on one project for too long:

Hey, there's  a Famo waiting for weathering!
Oh, let's do some splinter-camo Grenadiers first.
Uhhh, that's quite exhausting. What about making a building?
Mmmh. Painting single bricks for a better look doesn't suit me right now.
Maybe I should make some piles of rubble.
Yeah, the new building kit from Samy arrived!

Well, at least the last item (and the rubble) was finished in one row of sessions.
Maybe I'm getting better :)

 Hey Fritz!
It's gonna be a long way back to berlin. We should really get us some new shoes...

I did experiment with pigments on a building for the first time now. I really like the effect of the green one. It's dead-stupid! Drop some particles on the lower end of the facade-damage and simply run your fingers downwards:

Here you can find the makers website:


  1. That has turned out bloody excellent Mojo!

  2. Nice finger-faux-finish, Mojo! It's apparent you have some artist genes flowing through your hands.

  3. This looks most excellent sir. I just read a tutorial on pigments and am still intimidated by them.

    I suffer from the same infection as you do. I just bought my first infantry, now let's see if I can actually focus on them long enough to finish them.

  4. How about that

  5. Fantastic pictures here, a great atmosphere!

  6. Fantastic work Mojo. It sure looks the part. I think I might try using pigments on my buildings also. :)

  7. Don´t focus..SPREAD !!!!
    Like the cobbler-shop, the colour-contrast looks good. Many WWII gaming-tables lack from an overdose of monotony in use of colours. Don´t lose heart and go on like that...

  8. Thank you all for your kind words :-)

  9. Thank you all for your kind words :-)


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