Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Firestorm Armada rules 4 free

A few days ago I read that spartan games released the updated Rules as PDF download 4 free.
Visit their Blog for your very own copy :

Though we were too lazy to print and read the new rules, we were eager to play a game again, so we got together for 7 hours on Sunday and used the old ruleset.
We made a few faults, for example playing 1000 Points for each of the 4 players and started playing acrosstthe long side of the table which resulted in 2 turns of approaching.

Still, it was a fun game, with Dindrenzi and Solyrians winning over Terrans and Relthoza.
A lot of critical hits were scored, often  resulting in a Distortion field,  making maneuvering even more tricky.

Looking forward to play the next game!


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    1. Thanks :-)
      Space Game Tables are so much easier to make than WWII ones... ;-)

  2. Slippin' in and out and between planets and asteroids has got to be a thrill especially if your ride's guns are firing and making hits! Looks like lots of fun, Von Mojo!

    1. Imagine standing on the bridge of your Dreadnought, hearing the capacitors' humming while charging for the double-barrel über-railgun...
      The light is flickering as the whole power of the foldspace drive is being sucked in and then... Two simultane blasts enlighten the proximity of the muzzle, the two projectiles head towards the enemy vessel... Meanwhile 2x 11d6 fall from your hand to the table, scoring several exploding sixes(cool part of the game mechanic) and see the face of your enemy, while the core of his cruiser ruptures and the whole ship simply dematerializes, leaving nothing but a gigantic distortion field behind...
      This must be it...

    2. Dang, I just picked myself up off the floor. I must have fainted while experiencing 2x 11d6!!

    3. :-D
      The amount of dice are ridiculously high in this game :-)

  3. 7 hours to do as I please. As a wife and mother, I can't even fantasize about a luxury like that.

    1. *Sigh* Those are the pleasures of a youth to end sooner or later ;)

  4. How uncanny, I was just contemplating hunting out my Full Thrust stuff when I saw this! I'll have to download the rules and take a look.


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