Monday, January 21, 2013

The majors office

 Another month has gone to the lands and I haven't been blogging a bit.
That's sad. A little belated, I'd like to wish everyone a jolly good new year and all the best :)

Back to business:
During those calm cold days, I used my Linka-Moulds again to turn ceramic powder into a solid house...

I did make some plans before I started and it became kind of a mixup of those two:

I strictly dislike undamaged buildings on a gaming table for two reasons.

First: According to those eyewitness-books that I read in the past two years, the allies in Normandy tended to smash most of the villages to rubble before they moved in.

Second: Intact buildings provide a better cover with the ruleset that we use. That means, that folks inside only get hit on a 6 with a d6. That causes great delays while playing, meaning tanks or artillery stay out of range of those poor chaps and pound into the buildings for several rounds(or infantry tries to sneak up with a flame thrower, which is often noticed and ends in a suicidal command).

However, those are the reasons why I won't build intact houses like this  Cornershop anymore.

For a long time I had already played with the thought of making a roof for the entrance, propped by some pillars, to create a building with some "official" character. What I made (or better started to make, as this is still WIP) is the major's office:

Looks pretty intact, but it isn't:

That's still kind of the bright side of this buildings life... Here comes the crack!

BAM! Although the rubble is still missing (this is one part of the WIiP ToDos), you can see that the building has got quite a blast...

Let's take a closer look:
Under the roof, there's a perfect hideout for a sniper (well, not really as he cannot change his position very well ;) )

 On the upper floor, there would have been the majors office. Might have to make some frames for the windows yet.

Below, I need to add a lot of rubble , as the staircase ends in nowhere right now.

 The restrooms aren't quite inviting anymore.

 For a closer look on the lower floor, we can lift the upper part of the house:

 As you can see, there's room for more shooting on the balcony...

The dragons lair: 
The registration, where the old witch sits with her K98 broomstick ;)

 The waiting room with furnitures made from fimo (heat-drying model clay) and that stairway to heaven.

I am currently modifying the colors of the house, as they are far to bright...
Also, there's  first piles of rubble that are almost ready :)

Stay tuned!

Best regards,

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  1. Hey Mojo, you've got your "Mojo working!" You have been busy modeling and the result is a really nice piece of battle scarred scenery. The Fimo furniture is the icing on the cake IMO. When you get the time and the urge, how about a "How I Scratchbuild Furniture" post. Thanks.

    1. Hi Jay! Thanks for the praise :)
      The next time I use Fimo, I'll place the cam next to me and record it :)
      Best regards,

  2. Some excellent work Mojo!
    Wunderbahr!!! Very inspiring, thanks for sharing. :)


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