Friday, September 21, 2012

Bonesaws to the front!

Ok another quick and dirty for the show. Finished them yesterday.
I'll need them, just like the Panzer Crews for Disposable heroes:

Ammunition bearers, Armourfast. I wonder if there's gold bars inside these boxes... o.O
These should wear camo, but not this weekend... ;-)

Loaders, Armourfast. The belts have been made from worked aluminium foil.
If you're interested I could share this technique.

Heavy Machinegun, Revell DAK:

Another HMG, Pegasus, built out of the box. I love these! MUST BUY!

LMG, Pegaus built out of the box, same set (German Army Infantry 1939)

I know I've got a lot of german readers here. If you live somewhere near Mainz, come over this weekend and join the "Inspiration Modellbau"! Meet Mojo right there at his own stand! :) I'd love to get to know my fellow readers!

See you there! Or not...



  1. Great work Mojo. Nice collection of MG teams.

  2. Love the foil ammo belt idea, good work, what colour do you use for the uniforms, might just be the lighting but they are very green.

  3. Those are some great figures, well done!

  4. The Revell DAK tripod MG is one of my favourite crewed weapons in plastic. Must say the Pegasus model looks good too, and I really like your Armourfast loaders.

    Cheers, Dave


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