Friday, September 28, 2012

Wargaming on a Modelmakers exhibition - Inspiration Modellbau Mainz 2012 Part I

Today I'd like to report back from the annual Modelmakers Exhibition "Inspiration Modellbau" in Mainz/Germany...

After some weeks of hard preparatory work I can now look back at all this with bliss!
Having spent almost every free minute on every available evening, I'm now enjoying evenings doing nothing.
Especially my girlfriend is happy to have her partner back :)
Thanks to Kate for her patience!

We went the second time to this ex and again presented the "Open source" or "free to play" (german only) Tabletop System Behind Omaha.
We distributed about 5 A4 pages with rip-off notes featuring the urls to the websites for Behind Omaha.

Of course I was also roaming around the ex and got me a lot of stuff...
These pieces thou were presents from fellow guys there!
Id like to say thanks to

But life is not only milk and honey, so I also had to put some money on the table to get some stuff. Not much thou. :D

3 Bucks for each of this SHQ/Lamecraft packs

3 Bucks for each of these great lectures

5 Bucks for each Model (excluding the 251s. They went with the regular price)

I guess I'm fed for the next half year :D
More pics from the exhibition itself tomorrow...



  1. Hi Mojo is noboby planning on translating Behind Omaha to English?

    1. Well it was in discussion, but translating 100+ pages to English is quite a lot of work.

  2. Replies
    1. Yeah, but my moneystack lost quite some weight :D


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