Thursday, February 9, 2012

Vallejo paintbottle rack

While my airbrush is away, I thought I should change something about my paint storage.
In two years of modelling, I have collected quite a lot of different kinds of paints:
We have Vallejo Model Air, Panzer Aces and Model color, some GW washes, Revell Acrylics, some Revell and Humbrol enamels, one single Tamiya paint, and some tubes of oil paint along with five containers of selfmade pigments.

Looks pretty tidy in this drawer, doesn't it? Well it has two major drawbacks. First:
I can't pull it out far enough to access all that stuff without spreading it all accross the floor.

Have you ever searched a Vallejo paint in such a drawer?It's madness. If your lucky, the 5th pulled out pot is what you were looking for. And you're not going to use only one single color ever. This sucks. Time for a change. Time for some...



Now I can see the name of every color on each and every bottle. That's pretty fancy.

On the side I'm going to add some more stand space for the thinner, the airbrush cleaner and the varnishes.

The backing is made from cardboard. I didn't like to stress the scrollsaw, my wood stockpile and my nerves anymore.

As soon as the temperatures return to a normal level, I'll give it a light grey finish from the spray can.

Hope you like this one :)
Next up will probably be some review of recent purchases. Again.



  1. That's very neat, on the 5th attempt!!!!, I'm lucky if it's the 20th and by then there's swearing and shouting and tantrums but very good work all the same....

  2. That looks very good and functional, well done.

  3. Nice idea and very well done!
    I've been delaying such a project for years by now.

    Best regards

  4. Thanks Monty and everyone else!
    Planning, Part-Layout on wood, saw-work and putting together took about 3 hours in total.
    Right, you gotta lift a lot of bottles for ROI, but it saves some nerves and and the output satisfies ;)

  5. That´s exactly what I need ! My paint-storage-"system" is alike your drawer and your solution looks inexpensive and needs small time and effort. I will copy it, before you are able to get a copyright on it, harhar...

  6. what a great idea will have to have a go at making one I've got over 100 colours and can never see the right one even with their special boxes
    Thanks for your post


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