Saturday, February 4, 2012

Airbrush on vacation

Since my airbrush is on vacation at the moment (it's getting a general overhaul), I'm a bit stuck with the Panzer IV project.

I managed to spray them Sandgelb before I had to send the Airbrush away.
All the skirts are fixed with plasticine, so don't mind the bobbles ;-)

You have seen this one in detail before...

Now thats #2 in detail
 Stowage will be filled a bit more
 And that's been my little secret on this tank: Franz the loader, getting rid of fired shells...

Hope you like it!

Welcome sebastosfig! If you have a blog or website, leave me a note ;-)



  1. I do like it. Nice start. Franz is a clever touch to the model's ambiance.

  2. Really nice detail work! You certainly set the standard.

    1. Thank you very much, but that's more glory than I deserve ;)

  3. I can't wait to see it painted! Where do you buy your bits for the tank (jerry cans etc.)?

  4. The Jerrycans and the crate are part of the Academy WWII Ground Vehicle Set 1.
    Franz is from Preisers Panzergrenadiers Set, the shell is the first cast of my selfmade ammo, the boot is the remain of some customized Italeri figure, The sleeping bag on the spare wheel is from some Rocco (now Herpa) Minitanks set...
    The Spare tracks are from various sources. Theres some from matchbox and Italeri/Esci Panzer IV...
    Lots of small parts are made from the tin of tealights or evergreen polystyrol rods.

  5. Brilliant conversion work on such a small model!

    Thanks for sharing your work :)

    Happy Gaming,



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