Wednesday, March 7, 2012

20k Hits and some Schützenärsche

Hi boys 'n' gals...
It's been a while, I know. I feel a little guilty for being absent for so long. I guess I have missed quite a lot of your brilliant blog-entries. Maybe I can catch them up in the coming weeks.
We had some hard time at the office, since this week is CeBit week in Hannover, Germany. It's the worlds largest IT fair, so it was quite important for the company I work with. 

Despite long days at work and short evenings at home, I managed to touch up some german soldiers. I needed lots of additional K98ers for Disposable Heroes, as the rules differ each type of weapon and I like playing WYSIWYG.
I grabbed hold of some early war soldiers, made by Pegasus:

I already own their German Mortar Crews set, which offers crisp and clean moulding and -at the time I bought them- no flash. If you are comfortable with assembling your 20mm figures, you'll be rewarded with brilliant poses. So I gave the 1939 German Infantry set a go!

In the end, I am quite happy with them, but I have to say, they produced quite some amount of hate. I guess the moulds for this set are a bit older. The figures had quite some flash on them, which is a pain in the ass considering the pretty hard plastic used for these figures (remeber, I clean them with a hot needle...).

I also had quite some trouble with removing the mould-release-agent from the figures. I washed them with pretty hot water and detergent (+toothbrush), started to paint and saw the colour running right down the figure. I repeated the procedure with spiritus and still... Eventually after a second run with spiritus, the figures were clean and ready to paint.

At least, I have to say that I feel like they take the glue much better than my Mortar crew back then.
This set offers really nice poses, but differs from many other Infantry sets in another way: The soldiers do not feature shoulder straps (which is alright for Landsers in Poland, but looks kind of strange) and they all have the Zeltbahn (the tent) wrapped around the Gasmask Canister, which is pretty uncommon. Nevertheless, just for the poses: I love 'em.

I added a few more soldiers to the painting task. We have some Airfix, Revell and Italeri here:

All of these figures are painted and varnished with gloss. I am currently waiting for helmet-decals from Company B which will be applied before I do the final steps of inking and highlighting (and base-design).

Another word: While I was leaving you guys unattended, you managed to crack the 20.000 Hits-Counter on my blog. I am really grateful for the interest you show in what happens on my desk!

Thanks a lot!

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Welcome on board, all of you :)


  1. Hey Mojo,

    nice to see you return!
    I'm looking forward to hear your experience with the decals.


  2. Nice painting and construction work Mojo. Great collection of poses.

  3. Helmet decals, you are a man among men, a report on those will be helpful as well, nice to have you back sir....

  4. Is that field grey uniform color? if so what make? pegasus makes some nice products.i hope my germans will turn out as nice as these.

    1. Hi Tsold9000,
      I used this as reference:

      Good luck with your germans! :)

  5. Nice reward for your persistent effort, Mojo.

  6. Very nice work on the Germans and thanks for the plug above.

  7. Congrats on the 20k!

    And that some nice bunch of painted Germans. I like how you painted the DAK figures.



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