Tuesday, January 17, 2012

CMK Conversion Kit: Sd. Kfz. 251/16 Flame Thrower

These are the pieces which are contained in the Conversion kit:

The Shields for the two main flamethrowers

 The Fuel Tanks:
Some pipes
 The 2-way splitter

 The flame-tubes
The compressor-engine
 (again from the other side)
 Additionally, there is one photoetched fret which is made by Eduard and adds some further detail to the modell.

Unfortunately I forgot to buy the original model and none of my local dealers stocks Hasegawa kits -.-
Hope to obtain one, soon!


  1. That stuff looks good but fiddly especially with sausage finger shovel hands like mine.....

    1. True. To be honest, this kit is the reason why I bought the two tools I introduced in the last posts... I don't like CA-sticky-fingers (there's better stuff for fingers ;) ) and feared broken resin parts.

      One more word about the kit:
      I miss the "lose" rear flamethrower, which could be used to sneak up and smoke out bunkers and emplacements. Maybe it wasn't used with the Ausf. D anymore. I'll have to look it up and possibly scratch it.

  2. Nice looking add-ons! But, like Dangerous Angrious, big clumsy hands and fingers,and my "what the..." kind of eye sight is a hindrance to such work anymore. But I do get much pleasure from enjoying another's detailed hard work. Looking forward to seeing your conversion(s).


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