Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Customizing a PSC Panzer IV

Hey guys,
it's time to show that I'm not only buying loads of stuff. With the arrival of the goods a real painting- and modelmaking-mayhem started. Today I'll show you my second Plastic Soldier Company Panzer Kampfwagen IV:

 Though these models are not historically correct, it's a pleasure to build them. Few parts, and well thought construction enable you to complete them in no time. Without having a instruction!
Due to the simplicity and the low price of these models (compared to "usual" plastic injection models), they are perfect for putting up masses, in a short time, but also enable you to create highly "personlized" tanks without fearing to turn valuable money into crap.
And thats what I've been doing here. I looked up a lot of pictures and figured out how crews tried to improve their frontal armour, tried to recreate the common loss of "Schürzen", ...
 ... and scratched a range-extender ;)

On this model I made extensive use of the etched sawblades. They're really perfect for jobs like this :)
And as always: I seem to need makro pictures to detect fails on my models. I need to fix the depression on the idler-wheels and add the machine gun made from wire...

That's it for now, hope you like it!

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Glad to have you here guys! :)



  1. Great work, Mojo !

    The tank looks really nice and I like the detailing work you did. Especially the jerry cans.

    I can't wait to get my hands on PSC's kits! But I'm waiting for the British stuff they announced. I just don't need that many PzKpfw. IV. In my cupboard here are three ESCI-kits of this tank to be finished...


    1. Poor Monty. These kits are a pain in the ... You know where.
      I did two of them. Maybe you should consider selling them on ebay/forum and get some PSCs therefore.
      These aren't good models for hardliner modelmakers, but the esci ain't either.
      If you want pretty correct ones you should have a go for the revells.


  2. The tanks looks fine and the stuff adds some "life"! I'm kinda jealous because I bought the Armourfast Pz. IV which are totally inferior to the PSC tanks (and PSC has even more alternatives in their boxes).

  3. continiue please :) I'm waiting..

  4. These are nice and with time and money being a consideration, not a bad idea. And like you said you can personalize them. Thank you for the follow. I appreciate it. I love the wargame pages and I've followed you back.

    1. Thank you, Anne!
      I always liked your comments on Frans and Rays blog, so it was aboit time to read more of what you write :) It's good to have you here!

  5. I've been wondering whether to get some of these for a while and I think you might have persuaded me! The camouflage work is very neat, I take it that it was done with an airbrush? I'm always nervous of using one at this scale, but I may have to give it another go judging by this.

    1. Oh, go and get some, I really love them. I did some Esci before and they were horrible. As said before, they are not historical correct (the esci aint either) and the Schürzen are a bit bulky, but they're a nice build and a good base for conversions. + cheap ;)

      You are right, I always do camo with the airbrush. I use rather low pressure and go really close with the nozzle therefore. Give it a try!
      Cheers, Mojo


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