Monday, January 16, 2012

CA cement tool

This is another part of my latest purchase and again it's a Tamiya product. No, they're not sponsoring me (yet) (hello Tamiya!! :-P )

It contains a CA catridge (upper right), a cap with needle for it (the yellow thingy) two very fine tips and a stock with buttons on each side. Guess what: If you press them, the glue comes out. Right.

It's a simple concept and it works great. Another cool addition to every toolbox :)

Byte byte...


  1. I guess I am too old to change: I'm stuck in my past experience using a sewing pin, and add-on cement-tapered end-thingy to get the finger-sticking-together fluid to its destined spot on the model! But this old dog is still having fun!

  2. Nice little tool...
    But Tamiya only designed it to make people like us think that we need that, didn't they?

    It's so hard to withstand... ;-)


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