Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas already?

Well at least it feels like :)
Yesterday my brand new (to be honest, it's used) Disposable Heroes & Coffin for seven Brothers rulebook and the four Armybooks "Angriff!", "Go forward together!", "Blood and Guts!" and "Urrahh!" have arrived!
(lots of "!" in one sentence... )

As far as I got, I can say they're a good read and very likely much fun to play! I especially like the russian optional rules "Liquid Courage" and "Women, Children and old Men" (even if this particular one is marked as political incorrect)

Now I have to go and get some D10 ;-)

Last but not least, a warm welcome to my blog:

1939 ( and (
Peter ( )
and Jay (

Have a nice Weekend all!



  1. Nice Ruleset Mojo! ^^ You will have much Fun with these Rules. Will receive new Rules these Days too, but not "DH". I want to start with "Victory Decision" .... so i will need some D10 too! ^^

  2. Happy for you Mojo! Have fun!



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