Monday, January 9, 2012

Pigments production

Hey all,
I wish you a pleasant, happy and healthy new year with lots of time for your hobbies :)

I'd like to start the year with some thing I bought recently. For conveniance reasons I'm not happy with scraping small amounts of pigments from my pastell-chalks with an old cutter knife. This takes like forever to get a usable amount of pigment.

What I bought is a mortar with a pestle:

I got this for 2 European Credit Units at Woolworth, which you might have somewhere around you, too.

 I put a 1/3rd of the pastell chalk in it and crush it. Don't go for more at a time if you fancy very fine pigments.
 This thing is a real timesaver. If I only had bought this before...

One more thing: I'd like to welcome my new followers:
Michael Scott
(aww snap, no blog?!  :) )

Good to have you on board ;-)



  1. New tools are always a good thing! Thanks for mentioning me and my blog :)

  2. I have never used pigments, do you recommend them?

  3. Very nice blog - clear concise illustrations with an eye on practical help to those in need. 10/10


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