Thursday, December 15, 2011

Sd. Kfz. 222

To say it with Fran's words: The painting-bug has bitten again :)
This time, his theeth hit cold steel - one of my favorite WWII vehicles, the Sd. Kfz. 222:

Friedrich has had a long ride. Time to sit back.

Being ever-vigilant Friedrich has his Schmeisser MP and a potato-masher at the ready...

The Sd. Kfz. 222 Kit was made by ICM. Overall it was a nice and easy build, with amost no flash and good fitting. It features a small photo-etched fret for the the rear top (under the turret) and the anti-grenade mesh on the turret. This mesh is the only real downside I found on this kit, because its a wee bit to wide (this is why I pushed it down that far).

The vehicle accesoires were crafted by SHQ. I especially like the bucket. I could not help but fix it right to the front of the car...

The two Jerry-Cans were from Herpa-Minitanks, the former Rocco Minitanks. They're 1/87, but they fit pretty good.

Friedrich's last name is "Preiser". He is a part of Preisers "Aufgesessene Panzergrenadiere". Dispite the fact of wearing the wrong tunic for a tank-man, I like him pretty muh on that vehicle. Sitting around and wait for something to happen seems to be a proper job for a scout ;)

I hope you like this one!

One last question:
Was the last post with pictures from the original Siegfried-Line really that uninteresting?



  1. That is brilliant, can't believe it's only 20mm scale....great work sir.

  2. Great looking vechicle there, well done!

  3. Very nice painted model Mojo! Just like the others I've found on your blog!


  4. Thanks guys :)
    More stuff soon ;)

  5. Nice modeling, Mojo. The vehicle looks at home in the field.

  6. Wonderful job! Very impressed and looking forward to seeing more.


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