Tuesday, June 7, 2011


On the sixth of June, in the early hours of the evening, german troops raid a farm in normandy. This Kampfgruppe belongs to the Panzerlehr-Division which is advancing westwards to patch the holes in the costal front.
On the way they try to clear the upstate from scattered Airborne troops.
 To be honest: I'd only like to show of my new selfmade pieces of terrain:
 A field growing vegetables

 An already mowed crop field
 Hans is getting ready to throw the stick for the farms dog
 The Master for the Building was made out of foam board
 The windows were scratched from polystyrene
 The Windowlatches and doors were made of balsa wood

  The roof is made of corrugated cardboard

 Now, this building was completely cast from ceramic
 Next to the already known barn, I added a NWC, non-water-closett :-)

I hope you like it!
Finally, welcome to fpotd, he runs a blog featuring a funny pic each and every day! Go check it out! :)

And also welcome Trull, I am really impressed of his house-building skills!

Cheers, Mojo


  1. Mojo, the farm house is great well done mate!! Will you be selling?

  2. Beautiful, Mojo. Your buildings are real great work. Hope to get some in autumn?!?

  3. Great work Mojo!!
    You have really made sth unique!

  4. Thanks guys! Yes, I think from October on, I can sell some pieces ;)


  5. Some great looking terrain there, well done!

  6. Really beautyfull! The Farmhouse is well done! Go on with that Mojo!!!!


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