Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Boardgames Horror

Here's something for you that should help to bridge the posting-gap until my farmhouse is readily painted :)

Last weekend two of my pals came over to play some boardgames. One of 'em brought a game called "Zombies!!!" and the boardgame pendant to the well-known Computer game  "Doom".

First we played Zombies!!!. SWMBO joined in and proved to be a real Zombie-Killer :)
All of the players start at the same crossroad, equipped with some kind of gun, four lifes, three packs of extra-ammo, and three action-cards.
The terrain expands over time and features different kinds of streets, or special buildings where you can pick up lives, ammo or some kind of extra-weapon or equipment (chainsaw, shotgun, skateboard), if you manage to grab hold of the right action-card. But as always: Zombies are inside.
Here's a pic of the game setup:

Aim of the game is to
a) Kill at least 25 zombies before anyone else manages to,
b) Get to the Helicopter before anyone else manages to.
The Helicopter is the last piece of terrain to be attached ;)

The game is really funny, mainly because of the action cards which sometimes let you move your mates, when dealing a brain cramp, or spawning 10 zombies at a time :)

Btw: SWMBO almost won the game by killing 24 Zombies before I threw the "alternate food source" card,  which makes the Zombies sated, so that they won't attack you and cannot be attacked anymore:

 Finally Dom made it to the helicopter( due to alternate food source he could walk right through), while Ed had a brain cramp and walked in the false direction.

The second game we played was Doom, without SWMBO who prefered to go to bed.

You need one player dealing the Monsters, and 1-3 Marines. Every Marine gets three special-ability-cards, two levels of armour, nine hitpoints and a Handgun.
Me and Ed made up a good Marine-Squad, as I was "Officer"(adding +1 Damage and +1 Range to me and any marine nearby), "Medic"(can heal under special circumstances) and "Quasher"(prevent a Monster-Player action for 3 times), and Ed was "Tank"(+1 Armour), "Tactician"(Can give commands) and something I don't remember.

To be honest, about 90% of the time, the Monster Player didn't have a chance, because we were able to smash up every spawning monster. While doing so, you are roaming through rooms which are shut by security doors. Every time you open a door, the terrain becomes expanded. Behind every door, death can await you... Just like in the real game :)

Finally, after hacking and slashing about 3 hours through the monsters, we arrived at the final room of the scenario which featured an overwhelming mass of monsters. I was instantly killed, while Ed managed to do a sprint across the room, slipping through all the monsters and reaching the final security door.

The Monsters were partly blocking themselves in movement and did not manage to strip all his hitpoints, because he had added another armour level (now having 4!) recently.

Not knowing what it means to be a marine, he left the scenario (winning for both of us), but left me behind. Tz tz tz.

Alltogether both games have a lovely set of equipment and are fun to play. Don't hesitate to get them if you are interested :)

Cheers, Mojo


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