Thursday, June 9, 2011

Behind Omaha Game

Just a quick, last post before my 2 weeks Holidays in Croatia :)
We had a game last week, fictional setup: British and Russian forces against Germans...
I am sorry for the crappy quality of the pictures. Our room is much to dark :(
Here's my Setup:
Eds Russian Setup
British Setup
The whole table:
Forming behind the farm
Placing the Paks and advancing with my Grunts
A Chaffee goes way too far...
The SU at the left end of the table held me up almost all the game.
British advance on the right flank
Late Game: The Chaffee and a Jeep were lit up some time ago. 
Finally I was able to knock that KV-1 beast out. Revenge for my pittyful Panther (who never ever scored in a single game! arrrrr....)
Fighting off the British Tanks and Troop carriers
Late-game overview
Some random pics...

At 3 A.M. I gave up, after my infantry had been utterly crushed by russian mortars and machine guns.
It was a very hard fight, lacking a bit dynamics for my taste ;-)

Enjoy yourselves while I'm away. I hope I don't miss too much of your great Stuff!

Ah, welcome m0e, a Behind Omaha beginner!
His Blog is yet in german, but hey, give him a chance and stop by :)


  1. The pictures aren't too bad, you need brighter bulbs or more:D

  2. Looks like a fun game thanks for the pictures

  3. >The pictures aren't too bad, you need brighter bulbs or >more:D
    More Power! Houw houw houw houw :D

    >Looks like a fun game thanks for the pictures
    Yeah, but it was sometimes quite frustrating :D
    I think I won't deploy my Panther anymore. Such an ungrateful B*tch... I used to love this tank....


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