Monday, May 30, 2011

Successful weekend

Hey guys! I'd like to share some more pictures of a very successful modelling weekend.
As mentioned before, I was busy doing moulds and casts.
First of all, I'd like to present the first cast from my roof-mould. It's about 3mm thick and made of Stewalin, some ceramic-like plaster:

It came out perfectly. I could not find a single bubble, and it's rather stable. Somebody said it's going to break while unmoulding because of lacking thickness. It didn't, har, har, har!

Next thing I did was fitting the windows and doors inside my Normandy-Farmhouse masters and applying the windowshutters in order to make the mould. This is how the moulds turned out:

You might notice that its already "dirty" from a first cast... Again the cast turned out pretty well, with a minimum amout of bubbles. Seems like I learn how it works :) But I won't show the farmhouse until its done.
Won't take long anymore ;)

Have a nice week!


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