Saturday, February 12, 2011

Just visiting... hometown! Landau in Rhineland Palatinate (Rheinland Pfalz) is a town with an anxious history
During the 17th century (after the thirty-years-war) it was given to france as part of the "Westfälischer Frieden"-peace contract. Since Landau was France's most eastern outpost, the fortification specialist Vauban was ordered to turned Landau into a Fort in 1688.
During theWar of the spanish succession (1702-1713) the fort was besieged four times and always changed its owners. In 1710, the fortifications were strengthened again, by 1740 minetunnels and escape-gates were built.
In 1815 it was given to the german federation.
Today most of the remainings are thick and high walls, some gates and tunnels.

Since I have not visited this Fort for some very long time, I took the chance today and made a walk with my mother.
Unfortunately I thought, I had forgotten my Cam at home... But I didn't. I found it while we were just leaving, but I took a picture:

Click to enlarge...
I do not know a page in english about it :( Maybe I should translate the Wikipedia article...
However, this is the Wiki-Page and the page features some more nice pictures of this Fort.

If somebody is interested in such stuff, write a comment! I cojuld try to find out more about all of this in summer :)

Greetings, Mojo

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