Friday, February 18, 2011


Welcome back!
Tonight, I'd like to show you the first few bases on which I used the Juweela Bricks I mentioned before.
The Troops below belong to my Streetwarrior-Based soldiers for Urban fighting Scenes.

 Again, I used some Polystyrene cut to strips as woodplanks...

 And some round profiles for tubes.

This is one of my favorite Bases featuring a selfmade polystyrene chair

 An officer with steel-girder in the background and german wehrmacht Helmet in the front

 Mortars... Essential equipment in Behind Omaha
And finally some NCO with kind of a small wall. Honestly: I'm to lazy to make it higher...

I hope you like them guys :)

Greetings Mojo


  1. I like them and the idea to make the scattered bricks is great!

  2. Very cool figures and bases. The bricks really add alot, and I like the scratch made chair!

  3. Wow,sehen gut aus!
    Ich fühle mich geehrt eine eigene Figurenserie bei dir zu bekommen ;D ;)


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