Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Brick is red...

These days my Bricks from Juweela arrived. Now I'd like to share some Pictures with you:
Bag with 500 Pieces in Format of the "Reichsziegel"
Some Bricks on  the Base of a Italeri Machinegunner

To be honest, I thought 500 Bricks would be a bit more than this. As you can see, most bricks have a good part of excess on them. I don't really know, if I am satisfied with this buy.
Should I once grab hold of some CNC Milling Machine, I will make a positive for such a Mold. Seems to be easy money...

Greetings, Mojo


  1. Thanks for the information! Very nice!

  2. They look usefull and in a big pile with other bits and bobs they would make great rubble.

    Cheers Rich.


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