Friday, January 28, 2011

Medic Update

This post is dedicated to Morks and GRegs suggestion regarding the Medic of my second Squad:
  • The Medic should carry a bag
  • The Medic should have a completely white helmet instead of a badge
In my bits-box I found some bags, made by Herpa Minitanks (former Rocco Minitanks). I used my new Tamiya Drill to drill holes into the hands of the medics and the Bags. Afterwards, I formed a handle  from wire:

This had just to be glued in position...
The Medic with his painted bag and the white helmet:

 Finally I'd like to show you the progress of my Infantry-Project:
All figures and bases are painted. Most of the figures still need a coat of matte varnish...
Afterwards, I can add the grass!
The streetwarrior bases are waiting for Juweela bricks(the red mix) I bought on ebay... I'm so curious about them!
I hope the will arrive soon!

Oh, I almost forgot to welcome my two new followers!
I hope you all like this little update!



  1. I like the medic Mojo, thanks for indulging me!


  2. I watched "the miricle of st Anna" (buffalo soldiers) yesterday and the medics there had white circles with red crosses...the germans didn´t seem to have any medics in the film.
    He looks good....wouldn´t the bag have a red cross as well?


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