Thursday, January 13, 2011

Panzer IV finished #1

This morning, I won't make many words, I need leave the house ASAP ;)
But before, I'd like to show you my first finished Panzer IV:

I hope you like him :)
Currently I'm in a mini-painting and basing frenzy:

Half of the squads will have "Streetwarrior-Bases", the others will get "Woods-and-Meadow-Bases"



  1. Great Paintjob on the Panzer IV & Good Luck for your Painting Marathon. A huge army on the workbench! I would like to see them finished!

  2. On my way, Sir! ;)
    This month I am calling out my own private "Finish 'em Month" (feel free to join me), where I want to finish up all those old projects from last year. This bunch of infantry is one of it ;)


  3. I like the weathering effect at this superb painted Pz IV. Ambush camo looks nice too.

    Well done mate :)

  4. Great cammo scheme and weathering on that Mk IV.

    Cheers Rich.


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