Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Harsh Battle

Yesterday evening, my mate Edi came over and brought some terrain from our club house.
We played a battle of "Behind Omaha". Since his army is not as evolved as mine yet, we decided to make equal teams:
Every Team had three infantry squads with 10 men each. One had a heavy mortar, one had a machine gun.
As  the Soviet list is not out yet, we set the tank types equal:
Panther = KV I
Pz IV = T34
Jagd Pz VI = SU 122

The Battle was fought on a 120 x 60 cm table, with several totally ruined and some intact buildings, including a set of Walls. Unfortunately I did not get to paint these nice plaster-cast Streets yet, so they are still white.

This was the Soviet Army:

This was the German  Army:

Edi had the first move. He brought his Assault Guns in defensive positions and moved his Tanks and the infantry forward:

I did almost the same, but because of Edis perfect defensive positions, my tanks were endangered from the first minute on...

While Edi was moving his tanks forward he was forgetting the movement phase of his Infantry. Therefore, he didn't get his Marker (between the Church and his men) in this round. I moved my Tanks in a position, where they were rather safe from the AGs, but unable to get tactically involved. :(

As Ed secured his marker (I did in the round before), I tried a breakthrough with my tanks, lightening the ranks of his Infantry. The Panzer IV got his first hit and then I did something really silly. I asked, if my Jagdpanzer may drive through the ruins. He said, perform a terrain-test  (but he was not serious, he would have simply let me pass...)! I thought "Haha, I'll never roll a 1!" But I did. So the tracks of my AG were busted and it was immobilized for the rest of the game... :(

 Ed provided two hits on my Panther with the AGs, one on the Panzer IV with the KV-I and started to advance with his infantry, the thirst for the second marker glaring in his eyes...

But he ran into my mortar-fire... Also, the Stormtroops left their defensive positions and took up the fight, heavily increasing Eds infantry losses, while the Panther scored a hit on the T34 and the other Jagdpanzer found his way around the building (you might see him on the lower right corner...).

After knocking out the T34 with a well aimed shot from the Jagdpanzer and a luckshot from the heavy mortar, I tried pushing forward with my Infantry, to secure the second marker. In two rounds, I lost about 10 of my 12 remaining soldiers to the enemy KV-1...

After two hours of dice rolling, we signed a cease fire, both unable to secure a second marker due to lacking infantry...

It was a hard battle again! If you would count hit- or killpoints, Ed would be the winner with 3 remaining operational tanks on the battlefield... I think, now he is finally infected with BO ;-)

Have a good time, see you soon!


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