Friday, January 14, 2011

Schützengruppe #1 finished

This is 1/7th of another last-year-project!
Now this is the first infantry platoon I finished for Behind Omaha. These Figures feature the "Streetfighter Bases I mentioned in my last Post... The next platoon I'll finish will have "Wood and Meadow Bases". I hope the Bases will improve by time ;)
The Officer
The Signaller

Common Soldier

Another common soldier
One of my favorite figures (note the glowing wood ;-) )

This figure has such a superb pose!

Anti Tank


Hidden machinegunner

The same again

Indirect fire support

Medic Option 1 (again with smouldering wood...)

Medic option 2
And now I need your opinion:
Which Medic-Option do you like best?
Thanks for watching!



  1. You were busy last night! Nice figures and the bases are a treat! I love them! The smouldering wood...Wow!

    To you question: For gaming I would use option 1. It is better identifiable on the battle field.
    But both a great work!

  2. Thank you :)

    One thing concerns me: The "Sani" is already a primary target (yeah, this fux with the genova rules, but in BO Sanis are also allowed to shoot -.-), and this would make him a primary primary primary target :D

    OK, but I'm only asking for what you like ^^


  3. Great stuff Mojo, you have some really good conversions, like your work

  4. Great stuff Mojo!!!
    I like the second figure better, looks more realistic (in my eyes at least)!!

  5. I like the ist medic...not for a sense of realism but the fact he looks like one...a bit vietnam era but still would be easily recognisable as such on a wargaming area. (and we know they are protected from attack so it wouldn´t make any difference tactically)
    Good use of different makers btw.

  6. Hi Mojo I also like the first one, if I may make a suggestion do another similar to option 2 with a white helmet and red cross on it.


  7. Hi all! Thanks for the comments and your opinions!
    @Al: Good eyes! The signaler was from the German Paratroops Set from Airfix and the Medic was a machine-gunner from the Airfix Afrika Korps set!

    @Thanos: As far as I know, german Medics sometimes really had this stuff...

    @Paul: In BO, medics are able to shoot and are not protected by law(I know, strange.). They are -together with the Officers- the most wanted prey on the battlefield ;)

    @GReg: The medics in the next Platoons will partially feature a white circle with the red cross on their Helmets...


  8. The anti-tank, officer and medic photos are very dramatic!


Thanks for commenting! You make me glad :)