Thursday, January 20, 2011

The whole family

Mork requested some group pictures of the whole front-pig-family...
Here you are:

As you can see, the two figures from the Airfix German Infantry Set are definitively smaller than the rest.
The Airfix Afrika Korps machine gunner fits better ;)
The Italeri figures are the most bulky, while Pegasus and Revell seems to match.



  1. Thanks, Mojo! I agree, the two Airfix Figures are a little bit small. But they´re difficult to find on the battlefield and that is good, isn`t it ;-)

  2. jes that's all right.
    hey mojo, a little tip: the link of the tabletoppers does not work. I think the link is
    would be great of you if you were updating this ;)

  3. as anyone should know by now I have a real soft spot for Airfix bods. They are a bit smaller than other makers but some humans are too...anyway that´s my excuse for using them :-D
    Good to see how all these different sets fit together considering the time span between the release of each set.


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