Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It's got me again

Tonight, the Ausführung 22 caught my attention again.
Since I was not really satisfied with the quick and dirty mock-up of the gun platform and the vehicle was really lacking space for crew, I felt the need to disassemble it.

First, I cleaned the interior a bit. Some of the seats were removed, because they would not ever be used again in this vehicle. This also promised to provide some more place to stand for the figures:
The holes were covered with some styrene sheet afterwards. As you might notice, the space for the figures did not really increase. I rather feel like it decreased, because there is less horizontal space to stand. So what, its done...

When this step was finished, I started scratching a rack for the gun. This is a bit closer to reality, but actually it's still pretty far away :D

This is how it looks when its assembled:

As already said, there is not really more space than before, but I think it looks more neat and I do not have to cover anything with camo nets... Oh, and my poor rear Machine Gun mount is broken :( I hope I can fix it again (about the 4th time)...

As I don't think that I'll get to post something before 24th:

I wish merry chrismas to all who believe in!
...and  simply some nice calm days for those who don't ;)



  1. Looks good...are you going to add a crew?
    A merry X-mas to you...I'll be having a few calm days myself ;-)

  2. Hi Paul! Yes, a crew will be added! I have already cut lots of figures in pieces to create some figures that fit in this tiny place ;)

  3. Merry X-mas and keep going your great work.

  4. Thanks Mork! I Just realized, that there is still one seat to much in there...
    -> I finally found some interior-pictures of the vehicle(as a model)... Now I also know where to put the ammo :)

    Naaaah... More work to do :D


  5. Eahm this is where I found the pics, if someone is interested:

  6. Absolutely fantastic!!!
    Can't wait to see it finished!!!


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