Friday, December 31, 2010

Finshed... at the last moment

It's new years eve, and I am ready to leave for the party, but before I go, I'd like to wish all my visitors and readers a happy new year!
Finally I have finished my latest project and I wish to share some pictures with you...
The Sd. Kfz. 251/22 is done. As I learned from Double 0 Seven, I have put the model in some context for the photoshooting ;) Have fun (tonight) !

Taking aim
Dispensing the used round
As Paul asked for the Crew, here's a shot ;)
The interiour without the gun
And with the gun
In action
Vorwärts, Männer!
Yeah, tank support!
And one last picture...
Now guys, go out and do some party!
See you next year!



  1. Nice Works!!! A Happy new Year 2011! ^^

  2. Very very nice Mojo!!
    Very inspiring!!

  3. Yeah Thanos, as I saw that on your Blog, I really had to laugh :)
    Nice to have almost the same thoughts as someone else ;)
    Or did this really inspire you to build your own? Hmm, which of these two possibilities is the cooler one? ;)

    Keep it up, nice to see some Vehicles built by you ;)


  4. Your photos are very dramatic and pleasure to look at! Very grateful for mentioning double 0 Sven!

  5. Some very nice work on show.I like the way you have taken your pictures,Its half the battle!


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