Thursday, December 16, 2010

W.I.M.P. is international again!

After my mate Mork6969 from and decided to continue blogging in english only, I felt like I had to check my blog-stats.

Now I think I need to follow morks choice, since 49% of my visitors are from outside of germany! I have to thank you for watching my blog, even if you might not understand everything I write :)

So, enough of that... Back to business!

In the past, I started several big projects, like building and painting 2 Panzer IV, one Panther A, a Kettenkrad and a Kübelwagen, or painting and basing 72 figures at the same time. The goal of it all was to keep the effort low.

But the consequence of it is, that I get forward very slowly with both projects, and I almost don't want to look at it anymore... I promise, I will not do it again :D At least I hope so.

The "Panzers" are currently being weathered:
The Decals are on (the Seitenschürzen are not mounted yet), the washing is applied and the edges are highlighted.
The next step would either be a filter in earth-tone or some kind of fading. But since I am not really sure about which colors I should use for fading with this camo, I think I will omit this step.
The problem is: My girl is going to bed earlier and earlier every day. Which is alright, because I have more time for modeling, but I cannot use my airbrush, because it would keep her awake.

Feeling unable to apply any filtering without my airbrush, something else came to my mind. Since I recently got the double-pack of Armourfasts Sd. Kfz. 251, I thought about my old 1/76 Revell 251er and my old PAK40, which is also made by Revell and also in 1/76.
In the past I have often put the PAK on top of the 251 to simulate an 251/22 while playing Behind Omaha (See the bad picture). So why the hell shouldn't I combine them to one model?
I am well aware, that it would be unlikely to see a 251 c with a mounted PAK 40. I don't really care, I felt bored ;)

First, I built a platform from plastic sheet. This platform is not like in the original, I know :) As I said, i just tried to kill some time ;) It was not easy to fit the platform into the vehicle, but after some trial and error, it worked ;)
Most of the interiour will be invisible, when it is finished, because I plan to cover the platform with some camo netting.
Also, I costumized two figures for this vehicle:
The "commander" was an Airfix Paratrooper with an Revell DAK-NCO head transplanted.
The gunner/loader is one of these incredibly ugly Hasegawa Flak 88 crew members. I really had to chop his head off... Since this figure is rather big, I chose one of Italeris "German Elite Troops" to lose his head for him :)
It is not nearly finished, a lot of painting has to be done on this one, but I hope you like it so far :)


  1. Bin aufs Endergebnis gespannt! Ohne Filter und weitere Schritte sieht des ja immer furchtbar grell aus. Keep going Mojo!!! ^^

  2. Do you have a hint for me, regarding the fading?
    With Panzergrau, I would have chosen blue, black and maybe very little yellow, but with this camo, I'm really lost ;)

    // mojo

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  4. Filter? Oils like "burnt Sienna" ans "burnt Umber" will work well! But before this you should apply a very smooth layer of Vallejos "Middlestone" onto the Model to "break up" the Camo.


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