Monday, March 15, 2010

Preparations... I

Project Destroyer has been on ice for quite a while now. This is due to the workload I had during the recent months.
In the meantime, I am preparing an army for WWII wargaming. The following pics show the army in an actual but early state. As soon as I'll have my Airbrush, the paintjob will be made more correct and better...
Here are the pics:
One (and only) detailled painted Soldier. Scale: 1/72

One of two sandbag fortifications. Made of airdrying "china clay" from Eberhard Faber. Will be painted soon.

One of the markers for CTF missions.

My army. 2 Based troops with 11 Soldiers, one Jagdpanther, one PzKwIII one SdKfz 7, One SdKfz 251. A Tiger tank is inWIP.
More to come soon....


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