Saturday, April 3, 2010

Making Cobblestone Roads

Me and some friends are now preparing Terrain for wargaming. I started producing streets, using a template that I found on (have a look, great page!). My street modules are for 1/72 scale and they are 25 cm long and 5 cm wide. Ok, now lets start with some technix:

First: I got me some 3mm thick Selitron. This is some foam-insulating material, I got at the local hardware store. You can easily carve structures in this foam...
Second: I have a brass tube with a diameter of 2mm:
I used a flat pliars to make its shape more quadratical or rectangular. Then I used some sanding sheet to make the edges sharp.
this is my cobblestone-punch.

Using this, you can make really nice streets. By varying the puching direction, a natural pattern is being created.

Now you can let your creativity play. I used a 2 ct. coin to make a circle and filled it out. the result looks pretty cool ;)

This produces a very nice and realistic looking pattern. Using this technique, it will take about half an hour per 25x5 cm module, but I think the result will be worth the work. I'm curious about how it'll look, when its painted and dry-brushed :)

Here are my first two roads:

I hope you like them!

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