Monday, November 16, 2009

Project: Destroyer. Part IV

Now that I've got a new tool (my scrollsaw arrived :) ), the work has started again. Since I wanted to design a more realistic model of a tank hunter for W40k, I decided, that I should reduce the amount of upright surfaces. So a redesign of the destroyer sides are now more Hetzer-like. Also I decided to make the area around the gun less vulnerable.

Here are some pictures of the old and the new chassis:

 Please note, that the new chassis (on the left is only taped together, so don't midnt the gaps ;) )

Smaller opening for the gun and more space for the driver on the left side of the tank.

On the rear, there will be additional armored space, containing the generator and other electric stuff for the main gun.

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  1. Incredible imagination, the tracks are "Faraonical" works, I think it's a very interesting work. My terrain is the aviation, but make tank for wargames, and read a lot about the real armoured car and tanks.
    I wait for the next part.


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