Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The corner shop Part II

Small update today:

Lots of sanding, gapfilling and detailing to do... :)
Hope you like it!

This part of the Post goes to Anne!
On Thanos' Blog Anne was asking for hints on making roof-tiles.
Don't know if you already read this, but Greg kindly answered on this and suggested one of his blog posts:
Gregs Post

Since Anne is rather new to the hobby, we should all help her out. So here's my contribution to the solution:

Here's a post from my blog where a single picture (middle of the post) shows how I made the shingles for my barn:
20mm Barn

And another post in my "home-forum" where explained how to make common claytiles (sorry, this is in german, but look at the pics and you'll get it. Or chase google translate over it...):
Forum Post

Either way, it's a hell lot of work. If you have a nice result, you should seal it with thinned PVA and make a mould from silicone. It's too good for a single use ;)

Hope this helps :)



  1. Good help for the mad Irish cailin!

  2. Thank you Mojo. The shingled roof is going to take a lot of work. I read Gregs post and read your post on your barn and I can compare the two methods. This has been a big help as I wouldn't have thought of making the pieces irregular.

    Your building here is coming along nicely. Now I'll find myself trying to learn how to make molds once I make something that is good enough to reproduce.

    1. Thanks!
      On the other hand, you could simply use some model-train stuff in the appropriate scale. Sometimes this stuff comes cheaper as one thinks ;)

  3. Nice one Mojo.
    You'll definitely need some work to finish it, but mate, you already did an excellent job!
    I admire your level of patience!

    1. Thanks! I am on it! Just primed it last night :)


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