Monday, July 30, 2012

The corner shop Part I (Linka World Moulds)

Well, here we are again, back from Space, diving right into WW2 scenery stuff :)

It's been a while ago when I had the chance to get my hands on some moulds of a company called Linka (World).
One of my forum mates over at sold some for around 6€ per piece and I got two of them.

Wait a minute. Whats Linka?
Linka World (website here: is a company from the US, making moulds of modular wall- and roofsections for 20mm gaming or modelmaking. I've seen moulds on ebay whose owner wrote that the product would be 30 years old. Well that'd be quite a history for a company making stuff like that :)

Over here(Germany), the moulds are  pretty expensive with about 15€ pp., but I was lucky enough to find someone selling a bunch of 7 moulds for 50€! What an opportunity! But thats not enough. I suggested a price of 45€ (always trying, when possible), and he told me, if I'd pay the 50, he'd pack several hundrets of ready-cast parts in the packet. Allriiiight!

After an odyssey with a german parcel service which uses the name of the greek messenger of the gods (failed to give the parcel to one of my numerous neighbours 2 times...) the cast parts were mostly crapped...

Well this is what I got (along with the 2 moulds I already owned):
(Sorry, I was so eager for action that I forgot to take pictures before making the first cast... You might check the website above for better images and more moulds)
And this is the result of my first cast with 2x80 grams of stewalin (a very hard ceramic casting mass):
Pretty nice :) Unfortunately you still have to invest lots of time to deflash all the parts, especially between the teeth. If you don't, parts won't fit or even break while you're trying to fit 'em.
But thats not too bad: It's a perfect task while you're waiting between two World of Tanks matches ;)

Here's what I first made:
This is going to be a brick factory some day. After glueing the first parts together (using wood-glue), I realized how big this thing is going to become and decided to skip it for a while. I'd better start with something smaller...

So this is the beginning of what we call a "Tante Emma-Laden" (Aunt Emmy's Store):

I guess I might be back in blogging-bussiness now :) At least I hope so!

Last but not least: A warm welcome to my new followers. Damn, I can't even tell how "new" you are :D
$peedY ( Soldiers of Honor)
Michel (0ne of the few bloggers I know personally. Nice Chap, makes great 20mm figures!) ( Michels Miniaturen)
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Have a nice time! I'll try to keep you updated with this cool linka-stuff!



  1. You lucky!!! I´ve been looking for some cheap linka molds for a while now. I´ve heard a good way of adding a bit of strength to the wall pieces (the ones with a larger area) is to lay/press a piece of crepe bandage into the top of the wet plaster. Then even if it cracks a bit it won´t completely snap apart.

    1. Yeah, I've been on the lookout since I got my first pair... I asked at maybe you'd try that too!
      The bandage-hint sounds interesting, but I wonder how to clean the parts up then?
      But this brought me to another idea: I've got some plaster-bandages around here. I could work them into the inside of the finished model to add stability! Thanks, Paul! :)

  2. Nice....good luck with those Mojo!

    1. Thanks Thanos! I should take a look on what you did in the meantime instantly! :)

  3. I can see some Stalingrad factories on the horizon!

    1. Oh no, I'd have to build up another Panzerdivision then!?
      I think I'll stay with the brickyards for northern France ;) That's something my Panzerlehr can handle :)

      Greetings, Mojo

  4. These things are bloody expensive. I can't afford molds or ready built terrain so I'm learning to build from scratch. Looking forward to seeing your finished project.

  5. This whole hobby is bloody expensive :D
    But which one is not? Well the good thing with acquiring used moulds is, when you're done, you can sell the with almost no loss ;)
    I'm really looking forward to your results, Anne!


  6. These molds are a fantastic idea. So much is possible.

  7. Hi Mojo, Ive been using my secondhand moulds and managed to make a few buildings for my hubby,s railway set... I understand you need to scale them down for wargaming buildings?...your'e making a nice job so far

    Just wanted to add that the original moulds came from UK Linka was first produced in 1979 by Thomas Salter, Ltd. of Scotland.( did not want the USA to get the credit for them).
    Keep up the good work


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