Friday, June 1, 2012

Firestorm Armada

In a future not so far away, humanity, led by the United Government of the Earth (UGE) starts exploring the galaxy. Looking for ressources and habitable Planets, mankind makes it's way further out of the galaxy-core...

While planets are being colonized, two alien races are being encountered: The Aquans, fishlike creatures with beautifully streamlined spaceships and Sorylians, which are lizardlike, stoneold and slowly developing.

What has to happen, eventually happens: The War of first Contact. Lasting only few years, it brings death and destruction to all parties, finally resulting in strict borders without having produced a victor.

Few hundred years later, a Terran Navy Patrol encounters the Relthoza, an arachnid, proud warrior race who directly provoke a confrontation. The Relthoza succeed in raiding several terran planets, predicting doom to Terra if their borders would be crossed.

To be continued...

'nuff of reading, here's something to watch!

Part #1 of my Dindrenzi Fleet:

 Fury Class Cruiser, Pack Leader
Callsign: Battleaxe
Hammer Class Frigate
Callsign: Holepunch

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