Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bocages: Trial and Error

Hey Folks! This time I'll report on my attempt of making bocages.
 As Bases i use some wood from the back of a wardrobe. The Bocage-Body is made from styrodur, cut in the right dimension with a scroll saw which works as fine as the hot wire :)
As you could see above, I linked the pieces up with magnets to make setup easier.
 Now it was time for the soldering iron to take action. I melt some texture in the foam. If you do this, protect yourself from the fume. I suggest an open window next to you and a fan on the other side. you should wear some kind of respiratory protection too.
 I have put some stones around the bases, using the hot glue gun. Also, I added some very fine foliage, which was an absolute fail. It takes all the texture out, so I stopped it. The Bocages are now waiting for some selfmade clump foliage. More on that next time.
 The horror of every allied tank commander...

Bases for two more Hedges are already cut out...

So far...

Cheers, Mojo


  1. Those look great. Brilliant idea using the magnets to link up the different parts!

  2. Great idea Mojo!
    I agree with Dan, the idea of using magnets looks so simple, yet it is so effective!

  3. Yes this is a very clever idea, and for wargamers on a budget it is great.

  4. They're bloody good, excellent idea and well produced.

  5. Good idea with the magnets ;)



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