Thursday, June 30, 2011

Haystacks added

Now that I'm back from Holidays I did just a little thingi: Haystacks:

 Nevermind the figures... They were the first I ever painted with 13 years, and thats quite long ago ;)

Ok, so here's how it works:
Take some air-drying modelling clay (in this case EFAPlast)
Pick a fair amount of it:
Bring it roughly in the form you want and stick it onto something:
 Now dip it into water and use a hard, wet brush to poke it from underneath:
When done it looks like this. Let it dry for a day.

Painting: I used Vallejo Model Air (applied with a brush. Yes, such a waste...)
First Colour: Hemp.
Second: Hard Drybrushing with Ocre
Third: Inking with GW Ogryn Flesh ink
Fourth: Drybrushing with a Ocre, mixed with White (5/1).
Finally: Matte Medium.
Hope you like em!

Ah, one more thing. I heard it turned out that the blogspot-hit-counter was running wild. That seems to be why I experienced that massive growth of hits. Nevertheless you guys are still great! I'm feel glad to have this community of high-class modellers around! (Hmm female high class models would be even better...)



  1. Very good project thats for the tutorial

  2. Sign your last words...And good job on these stacks!

  3. Little hint:

    Try using sharp tool (like utility knife), and make shallow vertical cuts around the heystacks in bottom 1/3 hight. Then make same thing in middle part, and last cuts on top 1/3. Remember that you have to doing this from bottom to top. It should look like a crop.
    On smaller haystacks you can make only single cutting from top to down.
    Then paint it yellow and add some brown/black wash. After this againg yellow drybrush and it's a finish :)



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