Monday, May 16, 2011

Restaurant "Au Boef"

A few weeks ago I headed to Haguenau, Alsace, France with my girlfriend. On the way we passed some history-charged villages like Hatten and Rittershofen (Operation Nordwind, Jan. 1945), but we didn't stop there.
Also, a bigger village called Soufflenheim crossed our way. Soufflenheim is well-known for its traditional pottery-arts. More than a decade ago, my parents took me there, looking for some pottery-bread-pot, and we had a lunch at the local restaurant "Au Boef". This is where I tasted frog legs for the first (and last) time. It hasn't been the bad cook, no. It's just not my thing :)

However, when we were driving through Soufflenheim, I instantly recognized this restaurant. Last friday, while taking a sunbath in the local park, I was planning my gamingtable. I decided to put some outskirts of a small village on it. So a café/bar/restaurant may not be missing. This is where "Au Boef" comes in :)

I started to reconstruct it from the photo that I have taken on our tour:

I will not build the whole thing, just the first half of the house.  So here is the first shot of my planning and construction:
Its a bunch of work, but I am sure it will pay off. I started to mark where the windows should be placed, and where the timberframes are. Then I cut balsa-wood into matching pieces and glued them on top.
This is how far I got until now:
I really hope you like it :) The space between the frames will be covered with PVA and very fine sand, to create a rendered surface.

Now a few words to my foregoing post, which I published on a most unfortunate time, between Bloggers two downtimes. I asked for some help with motivation, and The Angry Lurker as well as Paul were kindly trying to motivate me. These comments have vanished in the depth of googles Blogger-Databases, but are unforgotten :) Thank you, both! I didn't start off making moulds yet, but will do this week! :)

I hope you guys (and gals) have a good start into your new week!

Cheers, Mojo


  1. That's really good work, I really like your scratchbuilding skills, keep it up.

  2. Friday the 13th was a odd one...lots of posts gone, still we are all back.
    That´s some lovely looking woodwork there. I like the way you have planned it out ...good idea.

    How is it that Fran ALWAYS gets everywhere before me!!? :-D


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