Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Cast done

Last night, I have had my first contact ever with resin in liquid state ;)
I finally did the casts of the peripherals for the Houses.
I am amazed about the level of detail. Almost every little bit of the balsa wood pattern is visible!
Even one of the failed doors (right) looks pretty well! I am impressed.
And it's so much easier to work with, compared to plaster... I guess, I like resin.

Here's a quick shot...

Cheers, Mojo


  1. Bravo mojo!!!!!
    I think I am going to be a buyer!! :-)

  2. Thanks, Mate!
    But I won't be selling until 19. September, I fear. I have a tough schedule with building a gaming-table and stuff around it for this date ;)
    I hope you can wait ;)

  3. Very nicely done, they came out really well.

  4. Bis jetzt sieht ja alles prima aus. vielleicht fang ich auch an mir passende Türen und Fenster selbst zu gießen.

    Gruß, der Blutvogt

  5. So were these just 1 offs or are you going to try and make many of them?


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