Wednesday, May 25, 2011

5000 hits + 30 followers + some progress after all!

Today WIMP has a double-anniversary!
You guys scored 5000 hits! Its not much, compared to YOUR blogs, but it makes me happy!
AND: There are 30 guys of you following my blog!
Thanks for both!! Cheers!

I can finally show some progress on my gametable-equipment project:
I am a bit behind the schedule (I wanted to finish it last week), but it's getting closer to the end:

One night I was unable to access my equipment because SWMBO already slept (Bedroom is my hobbyroom ;) ), so I did a quick and dirty built from some waste-pieces of foam:

Unfortunately the PVA didn't cover the surface pretty good as I wanted to add texture, so I dismantled it and will try something else. As you can see, the roof is still missing. No problem, here comes the solution:

This is the mould of my very own roof! As you can see, It's approx. 20x12 cm so I can get rooftops for a complete house out of one single cast! I managed to do the mould-cast WITHOUT ANY BUBBLES!!! 

Now I want to welcome two new followers (that completed my set of 30)!
Hehe, I guess thats one funny coincidence :-D
Check out there blogs, there's much to see in both cases, hehe... Trust me ;-)

Finally the comments on the last post:
@Blutvogt: Try it, if you have the spare ca$h, it's really not that hard
@BigMike: I think I will have to do lots of castings from the Mould. There are quite some empty doors and windows to fill ;)

Now it's time to go to work! Have a nice day!


  1. A great blog that needs a lot of attention!!
    Good work Mojo!!!
    And damn fine job you did with the casts!!!

  2. Congratulations Mojo, keep it up and they will keep coming.

  3. You have a very well deserving blog!

  4. Glückwunsch und weiter so!!!!:-)


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