Thursday, September 10, 2009

Project: Destroyer. Part II

In the recent days, I corrected the errors of my body-design. I also realized, that I was printing my plans on a 94% scale -.- Now that this has been fixed, I am producing the real first prototype of the body. Again, I transferred the plan with a tracingpaper. But this time on a sheet of polystyrene(in the following: ps). I had to sand it before, cause the trace would be wiped away while working if I didn't sand it. Soon I had to realize that my idea of curving the ps and bend it, is not going to work well. The ps simply breaks, but thats not a big problem so far.

After cutting the parts out of the ps, I drilled holes, where i wanted to put the rivets. On the inner side I glued small pieces of ps against the hole,so that it is closed again. I wanted to get me hexagonal rods, which should be plugged into these holes, to represent a screw head. But they were out of stock.

After glueing some parts together, had an alternative idea for the rivets. I got some pins/needles with nice heads. I heated them over a candle and pushed them through the ps.

Afterwards, i clipped the needles at a length of 2 mm, stuck them trough the hole and fixed them with superglue.Since I'm not used to work with superglue anymore, I glued my fingernail and my finger together :D I am curious about what will happen there :D

I also prepared the barrel-mounting:

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