Thursday, February 27, 2014

Long time no see. Literaly. Really.

Wow, october... That's a long time without a post. But I was not lazy. I have done a lot for my other hobby:
LARP and Reenactment (sort of).
I made an almost complete set of medieval clothes for the time around 1400:

I accumulated some armour:

I had quite some nice show fights:

But three weeks ago I was hit in the eye by a sword while practicing for the next show-fight season:

(I'll spare you from the bloody picture and show you only the one from the morning after...)

Being a lucky bastard, I literaly got away with a black eye. Almost. My conjunctiva was punctured so I got a a little operation and was not allowed to use my computer, to go to work, to read, to watch tv for one and a half week. Eeeeks. That was boring. After one week my eye started to open again so I could do something. beeing tired of working on my selfmade leathershoes, I opened my cabinet and found some unfinished houses.

Here we go:
Two ruined building-fronts from some polish vaccum-cast manufacturer I got for 3€ per piece last september. I've put them on a base, added some rubble and extra walls, smeared some paint on them and here they are:

Back in september I also got hold of some Leva ruins which are quite lovely. I started the first one, which is still missing a base and loads of rubble:

And finally I started one of the byzantinum that I got from their maker in exchange for some of my buildings.
They're officially the last two samples that were made before closing down business. Thanks again Panzerfaust200 for this deal! This building is officially wip, lots of work has still to be done on this one!

I guess I won't be posting too regulary, since I still need to do lots of stuff for the upcoming LARP season and I don't like walking around underdressed ;)

Nevertheless it feels good again to swap the sewing needle for a brush and a pot of good old acrylics :)

Best regards,


  1. Willkommen zurück im "ungefährlichen" Hobby. Ich würde sagen, da hast Du richtig Glück gehabt !

  2. Hi, Mojo. Nice work. Sorry about the melee injury.

  3. well done with your buildings and armours!
    get well soon!

  4. Very nice ruins and details. Viel Glück!


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