Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Another Halftrack done!

Long time no see, folks! Sorry again...

I already own a number of Sd. Kfz 251s, but still have 3 more in my shelf and another one rolling at me for a kit-review from revell (their new 251/16! :) ).
But it's as just as it is:

I got this sweetheart as a present from the shop-owner of www.fantasyladen.de at the Inspiration Modellbau expo in Mainz back in September '12.

It was obvious that it was built in a hurry before the show as a teaser for the new PSC-Packs, featuring lots of gaps and superglue.

I took it apart almost completely, fitted it and glued it back together. Afterwards I tried a "new" kind of camo-scheme. Finally got my ass down to the seat and my fingers off the computer-mouse and finished up the crew and the paintjob on the vehicle itself:

Hope you like it!

Ah, by the way: Welcome to all those shiny new followers :)
Glad to have you here, guys n gals!



  1. Beautiful beasts!! I got a PSC box of 251s for Christmas and I haven't had the time to unwrap them yet. This post of you is putting the heat on me now. Excellent models, congrats

    PS: And I cannot agree more with Boromir!!!!


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