Friday, December 14, 2012

Fortress Models Trench System - Finished!

As promised, I'm coming up with the finished product today!
I added some grass to the trenchwalls, as I didn't really like the plain look of earth.
May have something to do with lacking paint skills as well :D

This is the gun pit with a Zvezda 8,8cm Flak.
The pit leaves enough room for infantry. You could also place 2 Pak 40 in there. Lots of space...
 Here's some infantry in the trenches

The observation post is great! It's big enough to house a Pak 40! Lots of Firepower in there!

T34s, beware!

Here's an overview of the whole system. If I'd had my gametable ready, I would have posted some (better) pics of the streched System (trench walls only on one side), but it's at the club house, so my Billy Board is all I have left to take pictures with!

The whole trench system is 56cm/22" long by the way...
By splitting it up, you could stretch it by another 28cm / 11", making almost 1m/3ft of badass fortifications...

Besides the warped floor of the gun pit, this is a really great product. Maybe they should let this particular part cool down a bit longer before taking it out of the mould. Might help.
If you are all right with the width at the bottom, this set is what you should go for. Splitting and stretching the trench like I did adds quite some work, but still you'll be finished pretty fast. I'd prefer this over making a trench all by myself (just think of all those sandbags. horrible to do on one's own).

I hope you like this piece of terrain as much as I do!
I'm looking forward to it's baptism of fire...

Have a nice week, fellas!


  1. Great finish in this Mojo. It really looks a good product, and useful to boot!

    Well done on all counts.

  2. It's a beautiful piece of kit sir and you've done very well.

  3. Excellent work Mojo!
    Truly inspiring!:)

  4. Neat work, looks like a good product


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