Sunday, September 30, 2012

Wargaming on a Modelmakers exhibition - Inspiration Modellbau Mainz 2012 Part III

So, finally here are the pictures from our very own stand...
We presented Behind Omaha, had another table with Firestorm Armada (didn't get to play it though) and also showed one small game of Disposable Heroes.

Friends from the forums were arriving on saturday morning

They set up a 5 player game. British and american forces...
 against the german generalstaff
 Allies advance to dug-out positions

 Panzer IVs arrive, but get brewed up quickly
 This Sherman forgot his turret at home but got equipped with the powerful T34/85 cannon

 The rolling bunker arrives
 And the allies get to feel this
 another brewed up Panzer IV

Next game: Mojos Germans vs. Edis Soviets.
We were playing with the old russian beta-army-lists which are a bit unbalanced.
The view on my setup:

The first T34s arrive.
 A tidal wave of steel forms up on the other end of the table

AT goes into position

Panzergrenadiers occupy the ruins
 Russian armor clashes in
 A soviet infantry platoon advances too far, unaware of the 4 bonesaws in the building to their front
 Leaving only the officer alive, the MG42s mop up almost the whole platoon in one single round!
 The Jagdpanzer IV and the Panzer IV, alongside with a Panzerschreck begin to clear the german right flank
 Therewhile, the left flank got busted by the KV and a mass of T34s... Unfortunately, some good dicerolls caused havoc among my infantry-officers and 3 out of 4 platoons were surprisingly headless and fled of the table. What looked good for me in mid-game, suddenly turned into a disaster. I could do nothing but spare the life of the few brave soldiers that did not run away. I surrendered for the sake of my soul...

Setting up the Table for a pause, displaying the advance of a Panzer IV platoon, accompanied by some Panzergrens:

Edis Soviets on parade

Another game, tanks only. Again all my stuff got slaughtered by the overwhelming mass of Russian steel

While everything else was already burning, a lone Panther utilized his full range and shot up one T34 after another while constantly reversing to stay out of their effective range...

 A flanking maneuver
 A Su 76 approches the other flank
 First effective hit on the panthers flank
 The last successful shot of the brave Panzer-Men...
 Which were now taken from behind...

I hope you liked the pictures and the AARs!

Have a good start tomorrow!


  1. I want to play too....
    Excellent game you played Mojo! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Mojo,

    thanks for the nice report and the excellent looking pictures.



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