Sunday, September 16, 2012

The battle... over for more than a week now and I apologize for not feeding you with pictures.
It's been a busy week as I'm preppin stuff for our presentation at the "Inspiration Modellbau Mainz" - a modelmakers show/exhibition.

We had a little Mid-War scenario: The germans occupied a village. They have 4 squads of Infantry, including one 37mm ATG and an additional Marder I.
As a reserve, there were two Panzer IV and one Panzer III waiting to be called in.

The russians came with 4 Squads + Heavy Machineguns and 3 T34s.

Target was to capture at least 3 flags before the end of round 8.
We didn't get this far though, as the weather was brilliant and we decided to cease fire and went to the lake ;)

Here are some impressions, as a full report isn't worthwile:



  1. Nice looking setup and stands Mojo. Shame the weather was so good!

  2. Great photos you managed to capture the atmosphere of the battle.

  3. That picture taken as if from looking outside a window is brilliant. And kudos to you for calling a cease fire. The game can wait, but the weather won't. Winter is on it's way so get it while you can!

  4. Nice game it looked, but if the sun is up....things change! :)

  5. Nice looking set up and great photographs, it looks like it would have been a great game. I can't blame you for wanting to enjoy the sunshine though!

  6. Very nice scenario and game-setup, Mojo. The action photos pull the blog-viewer right down from his god-view to where the rubber meets the road. Great job.


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