Thursday, September 6, 2012

School's out for Summer!

Everybody knows it, the good ol' Alice Cooper song:

School's out for summer!
School's out for ever!
School's been blown to pieces!…ayer_detailpage

I had to think of it while searching the shoe box full of broken Linka casts that I received from the fore-owner of my moulds. He had stated he'd give me a huge pile of prefabricated parts, so I could start building instantly. Well unfortunatly most parts didn't survive the odyssey. However, one can still start building with it :D

He had started some kind of house, that doesn't look like a residence.
During paintig, some walls must have broken, so he decided to drop it to the spares box. The paintjob was neither nearly finished nor perfect. Since I didn't know what colors he used, I decided to make a ruined school of it. I had only the walls, broken into several pieces.

I added a base, a pedestrian precinct, a roof-construction and some shingles and lots of broken interior and details like an outhouse, broken glass and so on.

Here's what came out:

I got my as* spanked a the forums for not featuring any evidence of fire inside the building, so I'll have that added at some point in the future...

Hope you like it though!



  1. I do like it and it looks bombed out and rough and a perfect setting.

    Great song too.

  2. Very nice and creative use of what's laying-around to make a sweet structure.

  3. It looks good Mojo, only one star accommodation however!

    1. lol!
      At least you can see the starlight at night ;)

  4. This house is ready to rubble!
    Fantastic work Mojo! I like it very much.


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