Sunday, August 26, 2012

Bushes made from rope

Back from terrible hollidays... Never thought I'd hear myself say "Thank god, holliday's over"...

We had 3 breakdowns with 2 different cars, my GF got a sun-allergy and I got an inflammation in my right foot (had just cured a pulled muscle during the 6 weeks prior to the vacation) and our hosts for the 10 days in St. Malo/Bretagne/France clashed every morning at 10 o'clock in the morning, so loud that you were able to hear it in the guest-house. WTF have I done to deserve this? Tomorrow I'll start working totally unrelaxed after my major summer vacation. Goddamnit.

To get of this hating-trip, I sat down at my modelmaking workspace and got it on (what else should I do, the doc said, I shouldn't walk if I want that inflammation gone...).

I looked through my drawers and found some rope made of hemp or sisal. What could be made of this?
Well my table could still use some smaller vegetation, so lets see if we can make something from it. In addition I still got 4 glasses filled with "leafs" in different colors that could be used up.

Ok, lets go, here's what I did:

Take some copper wire and lace it around a bundle of hemp strings in different lengths. Afterwards apply some superglue or pva to the wire to bind it all tightly.

Next, cut it to length(directly after the wire on one side) and paint it according to the color of the leaves:


Next, apply some pva to the strings...

...drop the whole thing into the jar and shake it.

Looks like this:

Now bend it to shape as you desire. 
You'll lose some leaves in this phase but that takes the overfed look of it.

Afterwards fix it with something you have at hand. 
I used hair lacquer, which worked quite well.

I simply pushed some holes with a shashlic stick into my test table.
The wire-section of the bush will vanish in this hole: 

It's not a "wow, fantastic!!!" looking thing but the effort is quite small and it didn't consume much time.
How do you like it?

Eventually I'd like to thank everyone for those nice comments on the house from the last post!
I was really pleased to read that after coming home from our horror-trip!

Cheers, Mojo


  1. I do like it and it's damn creative.

    So sorry about the holiday being rubbish but it would make a better movie this way!

    Welcome back!

  2. Very creative! Looks good too. I've also had the vacation-from-hell. Had to back to work to rest and recover!!

  3. Well your creativety has not suffered. Great idea an exacution. A+

  4. Looking very good Mojo! Thanks for sharing.
    I hope you get well soon, and show patience, it is only work. Nothing more, nothing less.


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