Friday, April 13, 2012

PSC Panzer IV 225

I've got my Cam back!
I'll start with the "last" tank from my platoon (2nd Platoon, 2nd Coy) number 225:
This tank (like the remaining two) has several modifications:
"Blitzkrieg-Fuel-Upgrade": A rack for 5 Jerry-Cans
 Spare-tracks as additional Armor on the turret...
 ... and the hull. All with appropriate suspension brackets.
One mudguard is folded up.
One of the Schürzen-Parts went missing. Since the Schürzen-Mounts are very basic in this model, I scratched an appropriate suspension, including the triangular teeth.
To make the suspension fit in, I had to move the airfilters closer to the hull, meaning lots of filing and scraping from the part behind it... ;)
Finally I drilled out the muzzle-brake, the gun-barrel and the exhaust-pipe.

Pics of the other two tanks will follow these days :)

Now I'll go catch something to bite. Lunch-Break is already almost over ;)



  1. It's a lovely piece of work especially the little extra's!

  2. Very very nice work. And good timing too - I'm pottering around with some of those myself. I'll use yours as inspiration! Thanks!

  3. They look great! Ditto what the Lurker said.

  4. Wonderful work on this model. Impressive paintwork.

  5. You did a nice job with the paint on this. Did you use an airbrush to get the camo lines to look so fluid and yet even?

  6. Thanks, boys 'n gals :)
    And yes 'Mam, thats airbrush-work ;)

  7. Perfecto! Looking lovely. Great work Mojo.

  8. Nice late war tanks! They could be a bit more dirty, but that's personal taste.


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